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Conservative vs Progressive: Cultural Homeostasis

Tension Force: Cohesion from Opposition


Familiar Patterns

Patterns, cont.

It Isn’t About Logic

Context Matters





Nobody Understands (but they all think they do)

Executive Dysfunction, motivation, avoidance, resistance, disorganization

Memory: Short term, long term, working, and nonexistent

Time Blindness, distortion

Emotional Mess: Rejection sensitive dysphoria, anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, despair, etc.

Random leftovers


Shell carefully framed by the knapping. If you consider decoration as art, this is one of the first known art manifestations. West Tofts, England. Around 100.000? BP.

“Properly dating this object is impossible because it was extracted from an archaeological excavation when the strata and the dating still did not matter. They were only interested in extracting objects for the interest of antique dealers and collections.

For the industry in which it is carved, there are authors who say that it belongs between 500,000 and 300,000 years BP while others say it is around 100,000. Others even say it is 10,000 years ago. As there are so many different dates I have decided to put 100,000 BP.” -RCO_