I’m not promising anything, but God knows I try.

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New Word:

squander verb – waste (something, especially money or time) in a reckless and foolish manner.


quandary noun  Рa state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation.



A dilemma caused by wasted opportunities/resources



Your hair is like unto a pretty realistic wig, nicely styled,

and your skin like the softly worn vinyl of a subway armrest, warmed by the heavy flesh of Tom

Your eyes like ping-pong balls painted to closely resemble pretty eyes.

You brighten my thoughts like dawn over the exit 170 Park and Ride on a nice day.

Missing you hurts like my funny bone against a marble countertop. Exactly like that.

I do it again and again because the pain reminds me of loving you… (Sonofa)…ok, Jesus, that’s enough now.


When you are away my longing piles up like dishes in the sink,

and my sadness spreads and deepens like socks on the living room floor



Inspirational quotes from machines. Any resemblance to actual wisdom is coincidental.



Song by Jonathon Coulton, Typography animation by Andrewthevideo

There is a longer version of this wonderful song, very worth a listen, it just doesn’t come with this great animation.


Doesn’t your young mammal soul ever yearn for the blessing sunshine
and the air as sweet as apples?
Spring Herself is dancing madly in the tall trees with Pan,
his pipes are calling you to join…

But those memes won’t look at themselves

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