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Choices for new Facebook alliteration days.

 Performed as a public service. Meth Head – or – Minimalistic Mondays Tangential – or – Terrible Tuesdays WTF – or – Woebegone Wednesdays Theocratic – or – Talentless Thursdays Fatalistic – or – Fecal Fridays Sanctimonious – or – Satyriasis Saturdays Sensuous – or – Satiated Sundays

Glowing tentacle monsters of love

Or: Why it’s sometimes OK to hate your neighbor.  The apparent flatness and hard edges of the world we see masks a strange, fluid, flickering dimension between humans. There is no accurate measurement of this dimension except perhaps for our ability to imagine it. Since it isn’t our nature to imagine things this way it takes a […]

Why you should come visit Crazy-Zoo

Science is a Gas Giant. I don’t mean anything disparaging by that. It’s a mental model to freshen up our thinking. The unequivocal territory of science is the sum of theories plus experiments that have unambiguous, replicable results. This body of knowledge is the diamond-hard core at the heart of science. There are a lot […]

The open channel

“Through all ages men have tried to fathom the meaning of life. They have realized that if some direction or meaning could be given to our actions, great human forces would be unleashed. So, very many answers must have been given to the question of the meaning of it all. But they have been of […]

The Sexual Revolution part 3: Them’s the Brakes (sic)

Minor premise: An organism’s life & survival script never conflicts with its sexual strategy…even if it appears to. A complicated cultural schematic overlays our behavior:  Success hinges on remaining acceptably within cultural mores while acting with sufficient energy and persistence to attain sex. We have always found it necessary to act like better-behaved people than we are, […]

Outrage! Evil! Like and share. The most intractable problems of this jittery moment come from the human sweet-tooth for conflict and excitement.  The sweet-tooth is natural, it is good or bad by context.  If you are an ancient human and opt to look at the exciting thing, you are better at staying alive. If you are an ancient human and […]