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The Descent of Darwin: Part 1 – Survival of the Best Connected

“Who trusted God was love indeed And love, Creation’s final law. Tho’ Nature, red in tooth and claw With ravine, shriek’d against his creed. ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson’s In Memoriam A. H. H., 1850. No human creation grows in isolation from the culture around it or from the deeper rules of our species. Science isn’t […]

Choices for new Facebook alliteration days.

 Performed as a public service. Meth Head – or – Minimalistic Mondays Tangential – or – Terrible Tuesdays WTF – or – Woebegone Wednesdays Theocratic – or – Talentless Thursdays Fatalistic – or – Fecal Fridays Sanctimonious – or – Satyriasis Saturdays Sensuous – or – Satiated Sundays

The structural role of psychopaths

Psycho comes from the Greek word psykho, which means mental. The Greek root word path can mean either “feeling” or “disease.” So psychopath is a word meaning “mental illness”. “Sociopath” is not a clinical term and it is a no-no for mental health professionals to use it. However, I am NOT a mental health professional, […]

3 Teaspoons of Kitchen Wisdom

1. Life is like an onion. Heat is experience. Scorching heat brings out bitterness and ruins the food. Gentle heat finds warm sugar and blends it with the savory. 2. Life is like a recipe with every other line missing 3. Half measures only work for half servings    

The Sexual Revolution part 2: At First Sight

Major premise: All sexual organisms have a sexual strategy. In part 1 I talked about how desire has sculpted human bodies into what would have been a sexual superstimulus 200 thousand years ago but I left out an essential underlying principle. Unless you are a drab shell of a person who has entirely given up, […]

Naked 2: The Rise and Fall of Lizard Boy (This series will be way better read from beginning to end, rather than the end to the beginning.) Long ago, my love was smugly avoidant and entitled. I was an arrogant little sexual aristocrat totally certain of my hotness. I wanted “love” but I only understood it as desire, satiation, and friendship. I was […]