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ADHD, The Pepper Moth, and the Industrial revolution.

There is a rather famous story about moths that you might have encountered as a student. The class would have been discussing evolutionary theory. The common form of peppered moth had a pale coloration suited to hiding on the bark of light-colored tree trunks. This camouflage apparently enabled it to avoid being eaten by birds. Then, […]

The Usual Subjects

Part 1. There is no clean break between stories lived, dreamed, or told. Our world is a measureless ocean of stories. Some are untouchable, uneditable, unmeeting parallels, distant in space/time. Some are sliding intimately through and around each other, mutually editing in motion. We are stories who sprout further stories. Each of us is a […]

The Procedurally Generated Universe

In the last few generations of video games an interesting change has taken place. Games were once wholly hard scripted: Landscapes had invisible walls you could not pass beyond and possible actions were a limited decision tree of if/then statements. A number of relatively recent games like Minecraft and Diablo have broken out of this […]

Human Hives

Some of them look like life in petri dishes, some look like circuit boards. Welcome home.

Pushed too far

Why stress hormones and fight or flight response are part of ADHD “Teaching” Here’s something that happens to ADHD children a lot:  Getting pushed beyond their limits by accident. Here’s how it works and why it’s so bad. The child says, “I can’t do this.” Adult (teacher or parent) does not believe it, because Adult […]

Social Syntropy vs. Social Entropy

The basic question of existence is whether you will join with something to form a greater level of complexity. The more complex question is: Where do you stop? Matter is the greater complexity of atoms. Chemistry is the greater complexity of matter. Life is the greater complexity of chemistry. Sexual reproduction is the greater complexity […]