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ADHD, The Pepper Moth, and the Industrial revolution.

There is a rather famous story about moths that you might have encountered as a student. The class would have been discussing evolutionary theory. The common form of peppered moth had a pale coloration suited to hiding on the bark of light-colored tree trunks. This camouflage apparently enabled it to avoid being eaten by birds. Then, […]

Human Hives

Some of them look like life in petri dishes, some look like circuit boards. Welcome home.

Attack of the filter bubbles

or: Deconstructing this strange, stupid moment Have you noticed that humanity seems to have gotten into the bad acid? Or that reality isn’t itself lately? Traditional limits to weirdness have been breached and allowed just about anything to happen. If our recent political history was a spy novel would you keep reading it? Or throw […]

Stay Frosty: The actual dangers of Trump

Trump plays every system for profit. But the reason he is dangerous is that above all, he plays human nature. Have you ever seen an old science fiction movie where some super-computer is reduced to smoking incoherence by humans feeding it illogical information? Well our species has a hard wired social operating system and Trump’s one […]

Sedition, a free press, and personal rule

By President Theodore Roosevelt May 7, 1918 Kansas City Star (…) Congress should deal drastically with sedition. It should also guarantee the right of the press and people to speak the truth freely of all their public servants, including the President, and to criticize them in the severest terms of truth whenever they come short in […]

The Pyramid Prison

If we are a super-organism species there must be a mechanism that causes us to behave that way. There must be things that make us create and maintain that structure. There must be glue that holds it all together, there must be a motivation driving the business of the hive endlessly forward. I’m going to […]