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The Dreamtime of the Paleolithic.

“It darkles, (tinct, tint) all this our funnaminal world.” ― James Joyce, Finnegans Wake In 1994 three researchers wandered the Ardèche valley in southern France beside the river of the same name. Their work would look odd and delicate to us. They were hoping to discover hidden caves and their method was to feel for small drafts […]

Who are you going to believe? Me, or your own eyes?

There are patterns of humanity that are so obvious that they become invisible. The animal nature of humans becomes invisible as we daily live it.  As our eyes let in the light, they simultaneously spray “human reality paint” over everything we see. Life as an animal means following your nature perfectly, seamlessly, with no coloring […]


Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra Suddenly it flips over pinning you underneath at night the ice weasels come   Kay Lutz  

Reality Weather

Donald Trump is the perfect president for this moment, in fact, it’s uncanny. Obviously not in a good way. I talk a lot about complexity on this blog.  Complexity changes things in incremental ways until there comes a POP of some new emergent thing which is categorically different than all the things it is made […]

Naked 1: Base Camp “We are so convinced that past evils must repeat themselves that we make them repeat themselves. We dare not risk a new life in which the evils of the past are totally forgotten; a new life seems to imply new evils, and we would rather face evils that are already familiar… Hence we cling […]

The Usual Subjects

Part 1. There is no clean break between stories lived, dreamed, or told. Our world is a measureless ocean of stories. Some are untouchable, uneditable, unmeeting parallels, distant in space/time. Some are sliding intimately through and around each other, mutually editing in motion. We are stories who sprout further stories. Each of us is a […]