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Reality Weather

Donald Trump is the perfect president for this moment, in fact, it’s uncanny. Obviously not in a good way. I talk a lot about complexity on this blog.  Complexity changes things in incremental ways until there comes a POP of some new emergent thing which is categorically different than all the things it is made […]

Living on the Edge

“The Brain tunes itself to criticality, maximizing information processing” Our brains are clearly amazing at processing the “blooming, buzzing1” world around us.  A recent experiment supports the theory that when neurons work together they actively cooperate to achieve their maximum processing capacity. They seek the urgent, intense edge of their ability. Picture them as the […]

Why does Democracy fail?

There are some funny little devices I’ve seen out on the internet which when you switch them on, a little hand comes out and turns itself right off again. When democracy fails it’s a bit like this. Any political system is a sort of machine, and when a democracy elects a tyrant or a theocracy it’s […]

The Usual Subjects

Part 1. There is no clean break between stories lived, dreamed, or told. Our world is a measureless ocean of stories. Some are untouchable, uneditable, unmeeting parallels, distant in space/time. Some are sliding intimately through and around each other, mutually editing in motion. We are stories who sprout further stories. Each of us is a […]

Back and Foreground

The Signal to Noise Ratio Formal: the ratio of the strength of an electrical or other signal carrying information, to that of interference, generally expressed in decibels. Informal: a measure of how much useful information there is in a system, such as the Internet, as a proportion of the entire contents. Signal is meaning detected […]

Of Mice and Memory

It’s just a snippet out of context and it won’t mean much to you, but for me, this is like finding a shred of an ancient scroll in a clay pot: Thrilling, but poignantly incomplete. I love bedtime stories. Listening to the voice of someone I love telling me a story at bedtime carries me […]