My Blog is organized by time, my webzine, “Reconnaissance” is organized by category, and this page is a fun-sized snack-pack of delicious, crunchy random posts. Every time you reload the page (Hit F5) you’ll be served six random posts.

Human Hives

Some of them look like life in petri dishes, some look like circuit boards. Welcome home.

To Be and to Have

He has Parkinson’s She has epilepsy He’s schizophrenic She’s autistic¬† No, it’s not the setup for this year’s wackiest RomCom. It seems one might possess Parkinson’s like a teacup chihuahua or a classic mustang whereas autism is who you are. You could make the case that autism or schizophrenia dramatically shape your personality in a […]

Witnessing emergence: Murmuration

If the title is confusing, I apologize. Emergence is a huge focus of my writing and explained in depth elsewhere in the site. A short version is: Emergence is when a new and surprising result emerges from grouping enough of almost anything together. The effect doesn’t resemble the individuals it emerges from. The things being […]

Naked 3: Wasting Everyone’s Time (This series will be way better read from beginning to end, rather than end to beginning.) Last time on Naked: Lizard boy began his quest to find love without fixing his broken heart first. Because I didn’t know I needed to work, I didn’t do the work that needed to be done. And so […]

Missing word

I’m not 100% confident that I’m right about this but I’m intrigued. This is about something that sits in our human blind spot. These things excite me because anything found in the collective human blind spot represent something robotic we must do and are not supposed to know about. I was writing about a behavior […]

Status Update

I just tried to catalog the running programs in my mental background, the ones that hover just below conscious attention. I can become aware of each process by thinking of it but like most healthy patterns you aren’t really supposed to bother yourself with anything that’s running properly. Conscious attention is a costly resource and […]