This is the home page of Hugh Miller and Studio 30, the umbrella name for the different things I do:


Over 2 decades of experience. I teach multiple subjects, with a focus on web and graphic design. I do this at several venues in the Puget Sound area including Seattle Central College, North Seattle Community College, and more. I happily do corporate training and even one-on-one tutoring.

Reviews of Hugh Miller as a teacher:

  • “He is the most engaging instructor that I know. He knows his stuff and he knows how to teach.” – Yun Moh, IT Professor, Seattle Central College
  • “Hugh Miller teaches clearly, in a strict and culminating sequence that makes a lot of sense. Best: in the case of Dreamweaver functions, he shows you the pitfalls you can’t even learn from the software manufacturer, but make you super effective in designing web pages. Excellent and attentive. Highly recommend!” – Web Design student
  • “Such a nice guy. Very helpful, good sense of humor, and generally very lenient on grading.” – MIC101 student
  • Rated 5 out of 5 on 

All materials concerning my classes have been moved to

App Development

Apps, Games, and various other inspirations in the pipeline. Take a look.

Web Development

I develop and design websites, with an eye to making each one welcoming, easily navigated, and achieving its intended goals. There’s a short, readable look at the process in my Web Development section. Basics for beginners and  Timeline & Steps for Website Development

Graphic Arts

I do graphic design and fine art for money and love. Here’s a stream of consciousness collection of my artwork (some NSFW).


I write fiction, but on this site, mainly essays about an absurdly ambitious unified theory of life and complexity. I’ve organized it for your ease and potential pleasure in Reconnaissance, the sturdy little webzine linked right here.

For details about my background, please check out my general CV (above).

Cheers and thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to get in touch concerning projects and opportunities. Texting is the best option.