This is the home page of Hugh Miller and Studio 30, the umbrella name for all the different things I do:

Teaching, training, web design, graphic design, writing and a few other odds and ends. I’ve been a college professor for many years… I love teaching, it lights me up to make the connection and help people acquire a skill they want. I like exploring and polishing the right way to deliver the information so it gets to the target. I have been designing and delivering training for 20 years. I work with credit students as well as corporations and individuals and have fine tuned specific training to the changing needs of the moment and the client throughout that time.

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I’ve also been an agency guy doing public relations and ad work and a longtime independent designer/developer for websites.

In my other focus, as a web designer and developer, I work closely with clients to ascertain their needs and design the interface to fit the situation; time constraints are a given. In the last few years I have designed social media strategies as well. Every project has a unique profile for proper social media. It really isn’t rocket science but it should be thought through and developed into a campaign with well understood content and timing.

I am an expert with most well known Adobe and Windows software.

I can provide many kinds of services and solutions whether you need a web site or training or just some fresh ideas.

Please get in touch for a free consultation if you think I might be the help you are looking for or just ask a question. Cheers and thanks for stopping by!