This is the home page of Hugh Miller and Studio 30, the umbrella name for the different things I do: 

  • I teach and train. I even teach teachers how to teach!
  • I develop and design websites, with an eye to making each one welcoming, easily navigated and achieving its intended goals. There’s a short, readable look at the process in my Web Development section.
  • I do graphic design and fine art for money and love.
  • I write fiction, but on this site, mainly essays about Life, The Universe and Everything. I am exploring an absurdly ambitious unified theory of life and complexity. There is a LOT of my writing in the blog. I’ve organized it for your ease and potential pleasure in Reconnaissance, the sturdy little webzine linked nearby here.

If you want more details about my background, please check out my general CV (above).

I’m still in love with teaching. I love finding any way to be better at it. I work with credit students, corporations and individuals. Bring it on. I’ve got what you need.

I am proud of this: – Rated 5 out of 5 on  

Cheers and thanks for stopping by!