If you need to develop a website I can take you through the process from beginning to end.

  • I can help with planning. You may have thought about the site for a long time and developed a pretty clear picture of what you want. That’s a great start but I can almost guarantee that given a session to bat the ideas around, that you’ll have a clearer picture, and found a number of improvements.
  • I can arrange domain purchase and hosting if the site needs it.
  • I’m an insightful designer and I can work with you step by step to develop an excellent design that suits your business and your customers/clients. There’s nothing generic and off the shelf here but I keep it affordable.
  • If you need graphic design I’m happy to create that too.
  • If it’s a completely handbuilt site you want, I can build it, with all pages and functionality. But many customers these days want to be able to edit and manage their own websites. A content management system is how we make that happen. Most of my recent clients are using the WordPress framework. WordPress is amazing for a couple reasons: It is easy enough to learn that average people can usually become solid users. And its enormous popularity means lots of good support for technical issues and lots of goodies that can add exciting functions to the site. Just for clarity, this approach has ZERO to do with WordPress dot com. That’s just a free blogging site supported by ad revenues.
  • WordPress is a program. We install a copy of it on your site’s web server and work there.
  • Then we install the design theme we built earlier, make all the pages, and add whatever functions are needed, (including security and backup)  and we’re basically done.
  • Many clients do better with a couple of lessons from me to get started in WordPress, I happily offer that.
  • If you have ongoing needs for help and support I’m available, but I’m not trying to turn into someone you have to keep paying every month.