Hugh Miller

Seattle, WA 98125

TEACHING EXPERIENCE – 1992 to present:

Faculty, Seattle Central College

  • Computer competence, Business applications
  • Web Design
  • Design Tools & Techniques: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash (Adobe animate)
  • WordPress
  • MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
  • Career Exploration – A path with heart

DESIGN PROFESSIONAL – 2000 to present:

The principal of Studio30, a small consulting design shop


  • Teaching: Curriculum and class design. Creating educational content, materials, and assignments. Lecturing and helping students in a live classroom setting or online. Grading assignments and exams.
  • Web Design & Development: From scratch in code or using a Web Content Management System, typically WordPress. Every job requires intelligent branding and information architecture, quality XHTML and CSS as well as appropriate graphic design and SEO. Complete service includes determining the target demographic, designing for them and determining what the site must accomplish to succeed and how it will do it.
  • Consulting: Working for individual and corporate clients, I troubleshoot projects to ensure web compliance in the real world, designing for the right audience, common sense SEO, and sensible social networking. In addition, I teach them any essential software skills or techniques to be independent of me and solve problems in-house
  • Graphic design and electronic-publishing: Expert image generation for logos, branding, and advertising. Design, layout, and preparation for all manner of print projects.


  • Excellent teaching and training skills, humorous, patient, articulate and organized.
  • Vast experience working with students and tuning in to help them get what they really need.
  • A dynamic public speaker/Explainer
  • Quick logical problem solving & troubleshooting. Simplest solutions discovered.
  • Excellent branding, information architecture, and design/ layout skills.
  • Strongly insightful about advertising, public relations, and media marketing.
  • I am a reliable idea machine. Drop me into a project and I will think of something new and useful.

Current & Former Clients Include:

DHHS (WA), The IRS (WA), Delaunay Communications, Learning Workshop, Bionova Produce, Ferring Nelson LLC, Master’s Touch Produce, Bionova Inc., Kawasaki Motors, Bader Architecture, Emery’s Garden, Patrick’s Fly Shop.

Oh yeah, and the estimated 6,320 students I’ve taught.