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The Character classes have different “personalities” on the different teams.

Although the classes have the same stats, strengths, and weaknesses no matter what team they are on, they do have a range of personality and style. Players can also modify them by gender and race, or use the default version. Here’s a catalog of types according to team colors. All of them are rather cinematic characters.

Red, Green, and Blue Druid class


Red (Imperial team – power, domination, wealth)

  • Monk – A bit light-hearted – moves like an excellent dancer – he enjoys the “Whoops? Where’d I go now?” “here I am!” taunting of enemy players.
  • Mage  – Superior, overconfident super annoying character. “You suck” – full of complaints about team players and how they let him down and aren’t worthy. “Good thing I was here, eh guys?”
  • Berserker – A simple, child-like character – attached to the red team because they bring him along and feed him and tend to his wounds. Knows nothing else. Good-hearted loyalty to the team just because.
  • Necromancer  – Favors a Grim reaper-ish style with a scythe – loves the whole horrible necromancer gig but wants to be seen as awesome and incredible. Status conscious.
  • Paladin –  A Baron in the imperial system – arrogant -self-assured – high-rank attitude – super-fancy rich looking armor – egocentric, loud, and a bit stupid, (like if the TF2 soldier was a nobleman). Dismissive of the contribution of other team players. Infuriating gloating when he defeats the enemy.
  • Hunter – Dressed in red “royal” style livery, deferential to anyone who appears to outrank him and snotty to anyone below.
  • Healer – Extremely qualified but disinterested in suffering, the most expensive doctor, not the most compassionate.
  • Archer – Enthusiastic – totally loves his powers and abilities – a sense of fun.
  • Assassin  – Stylish, professional, and slick. Exudes calm sophisticated confidence. “Nothing personal.”
  • Warrior – A Knight has a stake in the power system – considers all but red beneath contempt. Calls the other Reds peasant and villain but is a serious soldier.
  • Druid – Stylistically pure red, he just is what he is and enjoys his role and abilities.
  • Salamander – Very well paid, is treated professionally and better than most under red control in the captured territories – smug, and superior.
  • Guard – Seriously handsome, twinkle in the eye kind of charisma.
  • Bard – Theatrical, very dramatic and fancy looking, does a good job of performing but is cynical and jaded about the “cause”, he does it for the money.
  • Alchemist “Mad scientist” type. Thick glasses, bad hair, and a weird self-designed outfit.

Yellow (Church team – order, law, control)

  • Monk – Covered with mystical symbols and time-related doohickeys…sometimes heard counting to himself. Occasionally seen meeting self during Chrono effects – As the second one of him appears at the same moment then looks embarrassed and vanishes.
  • Mage Priestly academic – a bit dry but obsessively well studied – deadly and intense- but no “blood and guts” motivation. A “Jesuit” soldier.
  • Berserker Lower class – brutish peasant type who is a fundamentalist believer. D&D “trump supporter”.
  • Necromancer  –  Represents a dark twisted aspect of the religion – the attempt to control life and death, but without any real conscience or love behind it – bringing back the dead is just increasing the strength of the army of the faithful.
  • Paladin – True believer- severe – armor is dramatic and stark – with symbols – his talk encourages others to battle, quotes scripture, sarcastic taunt – “please accept this pathetic, unworthy offering”.
  • Hunter – In charge of the captured yellow salamander – not gentle with him.
  • Healer – Priestly healer type – lots of intoned prayers and official blessings – might be there for good intentions.
  • Archer – Grim and very professional, not nasty just serious about his job.
  • Assassin – Fierce and eager, enjoys his work, without a lot of loose talk. Dressed in a more functional and anonymous style. “You brought this on yourself”.
  • Warrior – Twisted, cruel brutal – sadistic. High-rank yellow. Basic sneer, disgust look – but a big grin on killing moves.
  • Druid – Very fancy costume seems to indicate high rank – he’s like a bishop or Cardinal – enjoys his work.
  • Salamander – Captured, forced to fight. Dutiful, somewhat downcast, and bent with a discouragement – never gloats over death of the enemy.
  • Guard – Super bad-ass appearance – leathery, tough, and muscled.
  • Bard – Passionate true believer who brings an almost scary intensity to songs and speech – the kind of performer who gives it all.
  • Alchemist – Just loves his deadly poisonous exploding toys, gets a crazy giggle out of using them.

Blue (Rebellion team – Independence, self-rule, resistance)

  • Monk – character appears to be ripping time open in a new spot during Chrono effects, maybe with a knife, maybe by hand.
  • Mage – Tough well-trained soldier type- like an excellent infantryman with a machine gun and grenades except that it’s magic.
  • Berserker – Kind of crazy – eccentric – wild and quirky – odd weapons and styles, like with claws fastened over his fingers, wrapped in unlikely animal skin, with a weird hairstyle.
  • Necromancer bookish, gentle and friendly, no rationalization as to how and why he does this.
  • Paladin – Great pals with the blue warrior – his paladin faith or inspiration is that he is a passionate freedom fighter – good strong paladin armor but well worn and battle-scarred, maybe some stubble or less well-groomed hair – a man of the people – so less formal or hierarchical – than red or yellow.
  • Hunter – dwarf with classic dwarfy personality.
  • Healer – A battle surgeon, “Mash” style magic doctor.
  • Archer – Preoccupied with other thoughts, obsessive reader, often startled by the beginning of the battle
  • Assassin – Like a street kid from captured territories, getting revenge, “Take that”.
  • Warrior – One of the top guys on the blue team – commander vibe, knows everyone- loud, boisterous, religious – hates red mage and yellow warrior- he’s from one of the islands and he’s very patriotic.
  • Druid – Mysterious and enigmatic, doesn’t reveal his feelings much except while using his ultimate ability when he radiates joy, maybe tiny flowers bloom on him and tiny songbirds and butterflies orbit him for a moment.
  • Salamander – of the peoples of the captured and oppressed islands –  really enthusiastic for the cause and when he gets really excited spontaneously combusts, or leaks fire and smoke.
  • Guard – Farmer style with pitchfork rather than a spear.
  • Bard – Big guy with a broken nose, big jaw, passionate rabble-rouser – Like an old communist party organizer. Full hearted and throated singer and yeller.
  • Alchemist – Total rage monkey, cursing the enemy with every attack, babbling whether successful or not.

Green ( Wild team – earthy, natural, tribal)

  • Monk – His appearance keeps changing during play…hair and or beard style coming and going, maybe seeming older or younger
  • Mage Fun-loving and playful, almost “sportsmanlike” but also loves to troll enemies with false starts and fakeouts.
  • Berserker – A green kinsman –  big loud personality – over the top wild-ass – a force of nature.
  • Necromancer – A true shaman with a spooky, mysterious, style, wearing deer skull, carrying a crooked pointy humble stick…making fingers and arm bones grow from the dirt.
  • Paladin – Big shiny armor – handsome, smiling, Truly noble – enthusiastic and optimistic – but to a fault – he truly IS better and kinder than most people – generous and encouraging – from territory allied with green.
  • Hunter – The green hunter is an excellent woodsman from backcountry green territory – calm and hard to rattle.
  • Healer – like a shaman friend of the necromancer –
  • Archer – Stealthy, wary, guerilla fighter style, surprise attacks, using the landscape for disguise
  • Assassin – Mercenary ninja style, mostly rather quiet, but gets a huge thrill from making an elegant and successful attack. Big grin, “Yes!” or “Awesome!”
  • Warrior  – Dressed in ordinary green style, a big tough fighter guy from the green territory – serious and quiet – great loyalty to green.
  • Druid – Ultra-deep green culture – a deep connection with nature. He’s fun and energetic – throws himself into his “work” gets a hoot out of it.
  • Salamander – here through special friendship with the green bard – often shares a joke with him, sings along, etc.
  • Guard – Loincloth, long wood spear, indigenous fighter-style
  • Bard – is ethnic and culturally true green – he is deep folk style, musically and accent – a bit wild, pulls from a flask now and then, an enthusiastic shouter and laugher.
  • Alchemist – Not super distinct personality type, but he’s dirty and stained by chemicals and smoke, funny discolored skin and clothing, maybe bits of his clothing and hair are slightly on fire with embers. He gets a gentle, vague smile when successful.


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