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The 15 Character Classes

Each class represents a specialty with related skills.

Each class has 6 Abilities with a cool down and recharge period or limited uses.

There are 3 basic abilities and 2 higher level abilities that can be used up to 10 times per game.

There is an Ultimate ability that can be used twice a game with a five minute cool-down period between uses.

There is a 1.5 minute warm-up before first use.


115 HP. Primary weapon is a sword or staff that does 35 damage. The Monk moves slightly above medium attack speed, slightly below average movement speed.
Basic Abilities:
1. Warp forward
2. Teleport to 5 seconds earlier location
3. Teleport opponent to his location 2.5 seconds previously.
Higher abilities:
1. Cut an opponent’s movement, attack, turn, and projectile speed in half for 5 seconds.
2 He can invert that to speed himself up for 5 seconds.
Ultimate ability:
Freeze time, pick projectiles out of the air – rescue teammates. 10 seconds


130 HP Primary is staff re-charges manna “Ammo” ~20% of charge per shot. 120 damage at close range direct hit. 50 at maximum range. Right-click fires bigger bolt using 50% of manna and does 150 damage at close range 75 at max. Plus 5 damage points per second for 5 seconds. Also, it slows the victim by 25%. Big bolt explodes – those within splash range of big bolt explosion take damage
Basic Abilities
1. A barrage of 5 fireballs
2. Hit enemy up to medium range distant and pull him toward him.
3. In the air freeze for 1 second, then can walk in the air for 10 seconds.
Higher abilities
1. Bring down a meteor to hit a chosen spot – impact and crush damage.
2. Freeze opponent for five seconds…they can’t move. they take 20% less damage from the mage who cast it.
Ultimate ability
Rise up on a platform and cast exploding meteor shower 10 seconds.



100 HP Biggest class in height, screams really loud. Fast deadly and weak. Totally intimidating and in your face. Moves fast but not fastest – gigantic battle ax does 95 damage per hit.
Basic abilities:
1. Scream – It can white out enemy screen for 1 second but only affect one player at a time.
2. Charge – launches you forward very fast and rips through anything in front of you. constantly attacking and doing 105 damage with every hit 2 seconds duration.
3. The hook- using the ax to pull enemy closer.
Higher abilities . 1. Refill health 75% damage resistance for 5 seconds. 2. Roar speeds up your team by 20% for 10 seconds double melee for 10 seconds general damage 25%
Ultimate ability: 
Double movement and attack speed, screaming the whole time shaking the floor red tint 75% damage resistance and do 120 damage points per hit and deflect enemy projectiles. 7.5 seconds.


135 HP Below average speed Primary is a scythe that does 50 damage per hit. When he gets a kill it increases his health by 10 points up to a max of 235. Speed increase by 15 points up to 105% faster. Damage points from scythe go up 25 points up to 150 damage points. Strike a dead enemy with the scythe to gain skeleton minion – hit dead team-mate restore 50 hp.
Basic abilities:
1. Mark an enemy for 15 seconds 75% is health restored to himself
2. Mark an enemy so when they die his health is fully restored – skeleton minion gets second life or deceased enemy Becomes new minion.
3. Mark an enemy and for 5 seconds any damage they do to you they also do to themselves.
Higher abilities:
1. Summons six skeleton minions out of the ground. 3 knights and 3 archers.
2. Place marker and after death, this becomes a one-time spawn point.
Ultimate ability:
He turns into a lich and his health is doubled and filled. Scythe does double damage, and 8 skeleton minions appear 2x each, paladin, knight, archer, mage. Litch form lasts 15 seconds by default but is extended by 2.5 seconds for every kill. When in lich form he travels at speed max level. If he’s already at that speed he will increase speed by 20%


400 HP. Very tanky: second Longest melee range in the game even more than berserker. Warhammer 85 damage/hit fairly slow swing speed. Moves rather slowly.
Basic Abilities:
1. Stops and gets healed-restores 80hp/second and goes on for 5 seconds. Takes 50% less damage while healing.
2. Has the ability to swing hammer really hard, hitting the ground and knocking enemies back as if on a wave.
3. Can throw an ax that does 25 damage.
Higher abilities:
1 Generate bubble force field around himself and teammates blocks projectiles, he moves at increased speed and he and his teammates do 2x damage and regenerate 10 health /second. Enemies can enter bubble but they take 10 damage per second and double damage inside.
2. Launches himself at high speed toward a chosen spot. If he hits an enemy (collides with) they take 50 damage if they then hit a wall, the enemy takes 50 more damage.
Ultimate ability:
Damage is increased by 20, health fully restored and he moves much faster for 10 seconds.


115 HP average speed movement – Is accompanied by helper dog. The dog is small and hard to hit. If it walks over an enemy, hunter traps it sets it off a moment later. The dog can be commanded to do different things such as stay, guard, or attack. If dog attacks due to command, it stops the victim and does 50 HD on hit. If attacking without command, it does 30 HD and doesn’t immobilize the enemy. It moves very fast but only has 80 HP. Cannot die while the hunter is alive. If it reaches 1 hp, it sits still while recovering HP. If the hunter is dead, the dog runs around as independent AI and can die. Respawns automatically with Hunter. Primary: Uses a musket. (only hit-scan weapon) slow fire 50 damage normal hit 250 per headshot. Passive abilities can see enemy hunter traps clearly in enemy color. If the enemy moves behind a wall he can see them for 5 seconds afterward, if he hits them with his musket he can see them no matter what for 10 seconds. Also has a hammer which does 20 damage per hit.
Basic abilities:
1. Beartrap. He can set up to 3 at once. If the enemy is caught in one they take 25 damage and it takes them 3 seconds to free themselves. They take 5 damage per second and for 3 seconds after escaping.
2. Ceiling spikes: Can generate up to 4 at a time. Difficult to see and they fall very fast. They do 50 damage on impact and they knock you down. takes 2 seconds to get back up.
3. Flame trap – up to 2 at a time on any surface – small, hard to see fire spouts in the walls, they fire automatically when you are in range. if hit you take 35 damage – 90d /second for every second you stay there. Then 5d/second for 10 seconds afterword. Fire traps can be disarmed in an annoyingly fiddly way.
Higher abilities:
1. Spring-loaded blade, up to 2 at once- proximity fired 65 damage when hit.
2. Trap hangs from ceiling hard to see. If you step on the trap it shoots you up in the air and you are caught hanging upside down by your ankles. You can free yourself but not very fast you can be released by the hunter or your teammates. (or die)
Ultimate ability:
He can build a big cannon that auto fires at enemies OR can be manually fired. He can fire cannonballs or fireworks cannonballs move faster and do 90 damage on hit fireworks move slightly slower and do 60 damage on hit, but they explode doing 35 damage to enemies caught in the explosion. direct hit enemy takes 5d/second for 20 seconds afterward. If someone is caught in the explosion they’ll take 5d/second for 7 seconds. Cannon has 180 hp.


120 HP Moves medium speed uses a staff that shoots a beam of healing that has no ability to lock on but has a long-range healing teammate for 40 h/second. Right mouse button heals 55 points of health per second to all teammates in a 180-degree area around you within melee range and you move a little slower while using. Using the staff as a melee with the middle mouse button you do 20d/hit.
Basic Abilities:
1. Cast circle teammates inside regenerate 5 points health per second – if you die inside you instantly respawn back at base. the circle lasts five seconds.
2. Fires beam that passes through teammates restores 25 health on passive contact (teammate moves through-beam) or 50 health if directly hit by the beam. The beam if it hits an enemy resets their health, speed, whatever. Instakills necro minions.
3. Fires a thing: If it hits a teammate it restores 20 health, move 25 % faster does 25% more damage take 25% less damage after the effect wears off you can use it on someone ELSE after 5 seconds or the same player after 20 seconds.
Higher abilities:
1. Shoots a little ball that becomes explodes into big glowing orb – any teammate inside recovers 25 health per second, enemy projectiles can pass through but are halved for damage and speed. The enemy player in orb takes 5 damage every 2 seconds.
2. Can instantly revive a dead teammate waiting to respawn and give them 3 seconds of damage protection.
Ultimate ability:
All dead teammates are revived all teammates are given full health. Revived teammates given 5 seconds of damage protection non-revived get 2.5. All teammates do double damage for 5 seconds and move 25% faster during this period. All teammates regenerate 10h/second for 10 seconds. Enemies under special effects for abilities are shut down to normal except for healers, shamans, and paladins. Minions of enemy necromancers are all destroyed and all enemy necromancers are dropped back to their normal level. If they are in Lich mode they get set back to normal. If NOT in lich mode they get taken down to 1 health. (!!!!)


1 10 HP medium speed armed with bow body shot minimum charge does 25, fully charged body shot 125, fully charged headshot 225. But the bow takes time to draw back and you move very slowly. The secondary is a dagger that does 25 damage.
Basic abilities:
1. Super powerful high jump. You can stick to walls and ceilings and move between them. Once back on the floor it stops until you can jump again.
2. Grappling arrow. Aim it, shoot, and it pulls you to the target. The grapple hook rope is vulnerable though and enemies can break it.
3. Fire arrow additional five damage, and for 10 seconds after it will do 5d/second.
Higher abilities:
1. you can fire a barrage of arrows, each acts like a regular arrow but you fire 8 at once.
2. Bomb arrow does double damage and causes a large explosion which does 45 damage to enemies caught in it.
Ultimate ability:
You fire a barrage of 16 burning bomb arrows.


105 HP (3 similarities to the tf2 spy). Pretty fast, slightly slower than berserker. Weapons: Blowgun fires dart that does 1 damage and causes disorientation. The only weapon that can be fired while invisible. Knife options, either or both hands. Single or dual-wielding. Invisibility cloak makes you invisible for 15 seconds. You are slightly faster while invisible, taking damage doesn’t reveal you, but a collision with the enemy does. Cloak has charge meter like mage’s staff but it charges more slowly and has to be full to use. Disguise spell disguises you as a random member of the enemy team. Normal knife damage is 20, when you are behind them, the damage is 900. Un-Crouching makes a completely silent kill if you have a knife in both hands. Un-Crouching during a one-handed attack on enemy from the front disarms them, giving you their weapon. For classes immune to this attack (mage, berserker, paladin, healer, drake)
Basic abilities:
1. Nearly invisible short distance teleport.
2. Grapple hook pulls you quickly to whatever surface it hit. It cannot be cut by enemies.
3. throw 3 fast-moving knives with predictable spread. Knives do 20 damage each.
Higher abilities:
1. Ability to teleport instantly behind enemy within medium close range.
2. When aiming at enemy and press button it switches your locations, you appear in the position the other was just in and he does the same for you.
Ultimate ability:
Turn invisible for 15 seconds, move much faster, attack with all weapons while invisible, take 75% less damage, no collision with enemies.


165 HP, medium-high speed. primary does 65 damage. Shield makes him take 50% less damage, moves 10 % slower with shield engaged, attacks 75% slower, and only does 15 damage per hit. he activates it by right-clicking. If a projectile hits shield it does no damage, If he taps his shield button it does 5 damage to the enemy and pushes them back. If you melee attack a shield blocking warrior from the front it does 5 damage to you and causes a cool down delay of 1/2 a second before you can strike again.
Basic abilities:
1. Gives him 5 seconds of top speed moving, attacking and blocking (no penalty)
2. Throw shield Frisbee style if no hit on an enemy, instant return, if it hits an enemy it does 25 damage.
3. Within melee range you grab them they can’t attack and you can’t attack. They move 50% slower with increased mouse sensitivity and mouse directions are reversed. The effect lasts a maximum of 8 seconds or until you somehow become separated.
Higher abilities:
1. Everything is thrown way back.
2. Enter third-person mode and spin madly with your primary extended hitting anything within range. It lasts 5 seconds.
Ultimate ability:
Hulks up proportional to berserker/Paladin increased speed, does triple damage (~195) with extra knock-back. 15 seconds.


110 HP Fast, semi supportive character. Fastest default run speed in the game. Passive ability to triple jump. Primary is a staff that shoots 8 little orbs which revive health for teammates and damage enemies. Right-click hits for 25 damage. he also has a bow, uncharged body shot does 10 damage, uncharged headshot does 25 – FC body shot does 50 damage, FC head-shot does 105.
Basic abilities:
1. Puts down magical wall/barrier with 1000 hp. up to 3 at once.
2. Circle regenerates 10 health per second all damage you do or take charges a special attack for your bow that heals any teammate to that amount.
3. Grenade does 5 to 25 damage to enemy or 25 to 125 health re-gen for teammates.
Higher abilities:
1. Opens a menu with animals you can change into (default hp unless mentioned): Bear 300 hp 50 damage lasts 10 seconds, monkey 15 seconds mid-sized, can climb walls and ceilings doesn’t take fall damage, wolf 30 damage per hit, faster than normal, harder to hit with weapons or traps 15 seconds, fly tiny almost invisible, doesn’t activate traps only 5hp though up to 20 seconds.
2. Drop smoke bomb: you move faster, you and teammates can see through it clearly. Enemies cannot and move 25% slower in it and take 25% more damage.
Ultimate ability:
Rise up into the air, and a circle of trees grows up beneath you. While active you can see through all walls, 10 seconds. You can fire a beam that cuts through any walls does 100 damage per second to enemies and 100 per second healing to teammates. After it’s over you fall out of the sky and are stunned 3 seconds. a dome grows around you and fully restores your health. 3 seconds. While a teammate is standing in the circle of trees they gain 10 health per second.


135 HP. Medium speed and can fly, though not very fast. Primary is a fire beam. The medium-range energy refill bar takes longer to drain than the mage. Recharge only begins when it’s empty or you haven’t been firing for five seconds. In the beam, the enemy takes 130d/second. Escaping the beam you take 5d/sec for 5 seconds. Enemies are slowed 10% (or 25% when using the ultimate ability) Right-clicking does a claw/rake attack that does 30 damage.
Basic abilities:
1. For 5 seconds, all fire you shoot leaves a remaining trace on the ground for 4.5 seconds, enemy collision with this trace does 25 damage and 5d/second for 5 seconds.
2. Leave a cloud of smoke – enemies passing through reduce speed 25% while in smoke.
3. Place entrance portal thing and place another, exit, (never more than two at once) and you and teammates can go through it. No time limit, but both portals have 50 HP and can be destroyed.
Higher abilities:
1. For ten seconds all damage teammates do make all enemies take 5 damage per second for ten seconds. If the attack would leave extended damage anyway, another ten seconds is added on.
2. Place fire barricade- allows teammates to pass through but block, pushes back and damages enemies by 10. Barricade has 2000 hp.
Ultimate ability:
Turn into dragon 750 HP melee attacks do 105 damage and breath attack get triple range do 290 d/second continuing damage 5/second for 30 seconds, leaves behind trace effect. Dragon form flies much faster than regular form. Duration 10 seconds.


145 HP, a bit below medium speed, Primary weapon is a spear with the best melee range in the game. Stabbing with the spear does 45 damage with small knock-back. Holding it forward, if the enemy walks into it, they take 50 damage and take significant knock-back. If they repeatedly walk into the spear the effect multiplies causing more damage and knocking back farther. The guard moves much slower with spear out. Many but not all projectiles can be deflected by the spear.
Basic abilities:
1. Mark a point and if the enemy steps on that point the guard is alerted and the intruder is slightly slowed down and the guard is slightly sped up. Only one of these at a time.
2. He summons 4 clones on either side of him 6 seconds. They have individual HP and can cause damage. The clones mirror his actions exactly. The already slow motions with the spear are slowed still further with the clones.
3. He gains an effect where all projectiles bounce off him and he causes twice normal knockback.
Higher abilities:
1. He can put down a wall that has 3500HP. Enemies cannot normally jump over it. His team can trigger movement through the wall.
2. A Treadmill effect pushes enemies back as they try to approach.
Ultimate ability:
Send out constant waves that push back enemies and deflect projectiles for 7 seconds.


140 HP moves medium-fast: Primary is a musical instrument (determined by team: Possibly pan pipes for green, shiny trumpet sort of thing for red, harp for yellow and big war drums for blue). Main attack key heals 10 hp per second for players within range. Right-click does attack does 25 HD/hit.
Basic abilities:
1. Can disguise as a teammate. The illusion is broken when you attack or get hit for >,= 100 HP ability takes 5 seconds to recharge. 2. Turns invisible for 5 seconds and gets a speed boost 25% – 25% damage vulnerability while active. Can pair this ability with number 1 to generate an illusion of a teammate.
3. Gives nearby teammates 25% speed boost 25 % damage boost and 25 % damage resistance Duration 5 seconds, recharge begins after the effect wears off. Duration 5 seconds.
Higher abilities:
1. Bard plays a song and enemies within range suffer reversed controls, inability to see the bard, and take double damage from him for 10 seconds.
2. Play another song for the enemy, it has a larger range, for 10 seconds, enemies see things that aren’t there, and don’t see things that are, see some things as other things, they also don’t hear things that are there and do hear things that either aren’t there or sound like other things.
Ultimate ability:
For 20 seconds You and teammates in a wide area around you gain 25 hp and you have an effect for 20 seconds that makes you move 50% faster do 50% more damage and take 50% less damage.


140 HP 3 weapons 1. a dagger that does 35 HD, 2. Throwable poison glass jars or bottles that break on contact and can poison the enemy for a range from 2 to 12 seconds based on proximity. 3 A potion that he can drink or share with a teammate giving either a 30 point health boost.
Basic abilities:
1. Toss a grenade that rolls along the ground – it explodes 2 seconds after throwing doing 15 to 120 damage.
2. Throw 3 bombs at once that stick to surfaces with a maximum of 12 at a time. Middle mouse to detonate. smaller explosion than grenade doing 10 to 100 damage.
3. Throw a potion that shatters – all enemies caught in it do 15% less damage and move 15% slower for 15 seconds.
Higher abilities:
1. Drink a potion and you burst into flame, taking no damage from it. For 20 seconds you are immune to fire damage, teammates close to you cause 5 seconds of fire damage with all their attacks while taking no fire damage for the duration- with this effect any attack on enemy sets them on fire for 20 seconds, bumping into them sets them on fire for 5 seconds.
2. He throws a kind of dart if it hits an enemy it does 5 damage and knocks them unconscious for 5 seconds.
Ultimate abilities:
You throw a kind of bomb with a huge explosion where it explodes – it does 130 to anyone in range. It leaves fire burning in that area for 10 seconds after the explosion – standing in that fire does 40 HD per second – and every second you are in that fire ignites you for 30 seconds.


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