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This artist ( pina@adhd-alien.com ) does the best job I have ever seen of communicating what ADHD really is, and is like. We baffle and disappoint ourselves and the people and structures we need in our lives. Every hour of the day is a neurological roulette wheel. Here’s a link to her site.

I would be grateful to anyone who casually imagines they know what ADHD is like, to read several of these. I would simply like as many people as possible to better understand this disorder. It’s weirder and more limiting than you think.

It’s WAY more than inattention, and let me tell you, it isn’t lack of effort. We are 11% of the population and stories of effective treatment have been greatly exaggerated. The person in these cartoons is ON her meds.

Friends, family, and even total strangers confidently inform us that our problem isn’t real. Everybody thinks they get it, and even professionals in education and mental health often lazily ASSUME they get it with no research since 1993.

It’s like mental multiple sclerosis but we just look like we’re ditzy, and not trying hard enough.




Warm and kind artwork by Emm Roy.

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The artist is Sergei Dmitrievich Merkurov. He would go on to become an honored sculptor and state artist. The reason for an erotic alphabet? Supposedly for the elimination of illiteracy among the adult population in the countryside. But probably, because it was fun. Way heavy on the ancient Roman influence: horny satyrs, indecent cupids, and flying disembodied cocks. They don’t tell you this, but for some reason the ancient Romans drew about a million pictures of cocks with wings. The ancient Romans appreciated few of the nuances of modern workplace behavior.

Did I MENTION not safe for work?  Continue reading