This graphic reads upward from the bottom. Remember that Emergence works like this: “More is different”. What causes the emergent thing? Critical mass. The famous tipping point. That each of the steps here did happen is almost self evident. But science backs me up that far. Calling them revolutions is sort arbitrary and brings some unwanted imagination baggage along. A revolution returns to its starting point. Since each of these developments is emergent and leads to the next one it might be more appropriate to call them Evolutions and imagine a spiral rather than parallel circles. The time taken for each level is also way smaller than the previous level so our spiral should have a wide bottom and thin as it rises.

Every one of these steps produced the next through arrival at its own critical mass. At that point, each was in effect, a solid platform for the next one to grow on. This little graphic shows unequivocally  the growing complexity of whatever this system is that we are a part of.

Entropy is the dirge-like background music that we are always reminded is the true story about the universe. Everything is cooling off and falling apart and randomizing (certainly in my personal life, anyway).

But the people who tell the story about entropy and the people being told are each creations of anti-entropy. Syntropy.

Syntropy is “the tendency towards energy concentration, order, organization and life”

Maybe entropy is the 9 to 5 job of the Universe – but syntopy is the beloved hobby it hurries home to putter around with.