A five session (3 hours each) class in MS Office  2016

  • Session 1: MS Word. Starting from the ground up in what is likely to be the most easily understood of the programs.
    • Writing, from personal letters to resumes to reports.
  • Session 2: MS Excel. This powerful spreadsheet program is easier to use than most people realize, as long as you keep alert to basic errors and bring your common sense.
    • Industrial strength number crunching made easy.
  • Session 3: MS PowerPoint: How to use the most misused program in the world. Best practices and barrels of fun effects. The graphical highlight of Office.
    • The explainer, the guide. The visual backup to your teaching or training. 
  • Session 4: MS Access. This relational database program is a wonderful addition to your Office skills. Don’t be intimidated, it’s easier than you’d think.
    • Database power is the reason ecommerce can exist. Database power is the potential to manage and understand huge amounts of information and learn new things from it.
  • Session 5: Mixing and matching Office programs. Tonight is about using these programs together – synthesizing their different formats into something new.
    • Office isn’t a single hot-plate meal, it’s a full kitchen. Office isn’t a hammer, it’s toolshed. This class is about using this powerful ability to blend these programs.