The Ropes:
This is THE class for computer beginners. This is the one you’ve needed all these years. Clear language, common sense and humor light the way. Covers: Hardware, memory, Windows, file management, word processing, and web skills. But it all comes down to what I call common sense fluency. That’s when your desktop experience is as natural as your living room or grocery store experience. Learn to overcome the common problems that keep people stuck. No shaming!

5 sessions, 2 hours each

MS Office 

Session 1: MS Word. Starting from the ground up in what is likely to be the most easily understood of the programs.
Session 2: MS Excel. This powerful spreadsheet program is easier to use than most people realize, as long as you keep alert to basic errors and bring your common sense.
Session 3: MS PowerPoint: “The most misused program in the world”. Best practices and barrels of fun effects. This is the graphical highlight of Microsoft Office.
Session 4: MS Access. This relational database program is a wonderful addition to your Office skills. Don’t be intimidated, it isn’t so bad.
Session 5: Mixing and matching Office programs. Tonight is about using these programs together – synthesizing their different formats into something new.
5 sessions, 3 hours each.

Microsoft Publisher:
Publisher is Microsoft’s answer to Adobe InDesign. It is design software for publications, whether print or electronic. It is a comparably powerful tool for this job but with an easier, more accessible interface as well as more access to starter documents to get your project rolling. We’ll go from simple one-sheet beginnings to business cards, stationery, newsletters and more.