Currently a five session (2 hours each) class in Adobe Flash. Like my Dreamweaver class it starts at the beginning and then gets busy on work flow. Flash is STILL a very viable tool for animation. Various features let you automate many different parts of this often extremely slow process. This make you more productive and frees up precious time.

One of the BEST roles for¬†flash right now is App development. It’s super easy to mock up and demo your ideas here. It’s worth a look.

  • Session 1: The Flash interface, the drawing tools. and basic graphic symbols.
  • Session 2: Beginning animation. Frame by frame vs. motion tweening.
  • Session 3: Motion guides, movie symbols, bitmaps, etc.
  • Session 4: Button symbols, actionscript.
  • Session 5: More actionscript, beginning game theory, exporting for the web.