So called psychedelic (mind manifesting) compounds are spirit and soul molecules. They show you things inaccessible from the ordinary world that can transform your relationship to the ordinary world.

The title is reputedly what the intellectual swashbuckler and psychological pioneer William James found he had written down during a drug-induced revelation of ultimate truth: “Overall there is a smell of fried onions”.

In his essay “Subjective Effects of Nitrous Oxide” he wrote:

“only as sobriety returns, the feeling of insight fades, and one is left staring vacantly at a few disjointed words and phrases, as one stares at a cadaverous-looking snow peak from which sunset glow has just fled, or at a black cinder left by an extinguished brand.”


We descend from ecstasy to the ordinary world as if “Whatever goes up, must come down” applied equally to airplanes and inspiration. Emotionally and psychologically it is as if Newtonian physics rules our inner lives. If there is a version of gravity in there I think it’s the inevitable return to the linguistic/rational level of human reality where we conduct all our business with each other. The human mind surfaces here when submerged and re-lands here after being elevated. This is the homeostatic balance of our kind, the default neurological coordinates of return from highs and lows. Notice that highs and lows aren’t being critically evaluated, merely suppressed as not conducive to social intercourse. The default settings for humanity are designed to function as the center of a common Venn chart, an area where we all overlap despite other differences.

This realm of normal life is completely dominated by words and concepts as if they were the fundamental atomic forces and structure here. Concepts and words (within a general logic framework) are everything here from the solid ground to a breathable atmosphere. The human community is contained within this verbal\conceptual structure but only a few even recognize its existence: Water isn’t perceived by the fish. Within this domain, we don’t usually feel limited or cramped but only realities that can be sealed inside words or concepts can exist here. These can be considered, shared and exchanged, but only, like a nerd’s action figures, if still sealed in the original container. Flatland is a reality composed of things with no objective reality, it is equally Plato’s Cave and Keanu’s Matrix.

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There really isn’t an original thought here, sometimes I just have to say something when the ordinary world breaks my heart. M0uQgoj (1)

America is experiencing a little glasnost toward marijuana use. It’s like a national version of how good it feels when you stop banging your head on the wall. Except of course for most of America where head banging is still the prefered choice. Let me use marijuana as the example standing in for the overall strategy against drugs.  We know harm reduction is an approach that does less damage to society and costs less money than the “war on drugs” so why don’t we change and reap the benefits?

The answer is stupidity. There is a type of voter who is scared of other nationalities and has an enormous appetite for punishing wrongdoers. This voter is easy to manipulate by any politician who wants to play those cards. Marijuana was criminalized in 1933 by coloring it as a drug of foreign and lower class people. Mexicans and black Americans. It was said that they would become violent and lose control. Yes, it was the “All Mexicans are rapists” of its time.  Continue reading