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Where does this technique reside within this one spider? Where does it reside within the species?

What triggers the processing of this knowledge?

How does the spider understand (or at least experience) the need and the solution?

How does the spider brain process this knowledge without a sort of visualizing?

If spiders can visualize physics concepts

and the parts they’ll need… and collect them…

and assemble them properly…

How should we visualize the minds of spiders?


I went to the city and all I got you was this lousy pencil.

“I have come from the city. I bring you a welcome gift with a sharp point that you may remember me. I ask, if fortune allowed, that I might be able [to give] as generously as the way is long [and] as my purse is empty.”



Words Invented by William Shakespeare

One day when he was Bard. 

  • Academe accused addiction advertising amazement arouse assassination
  • Backing bandit bedroom beached besmirch birthplace blanket bloodstained barefaced blushing bet bump buzzer
  • Caked cater champion circumstantial cold-blooded compromise courtship countless critic
  • Dauntless dawn deafening discontent dishearten drugged dwindle epileptic
  • Equivocal elbow excitement exposure eyeball
  • Fashionable fixture flawed frugal
  • Generous gloomy gossip gnarled grovel green-eyed gust
  • Hint hobnob hurried
  • Impede impartial invulnerable
  • Jaded
  • Label lackluster laughable lonely lower luggage lustrous
  • Madcap majestic marketable metamorphize mimic monumental moonbeam mountaineer
  • Negotiate noiseless
  • Obscene obsequiously ode olympian outbreak
  • Panders pedant premeditated puking
  • Radiance rant remorseless
  • Savagery scuffle secure skim milk submerge summit swagger
  • Torture tranquil
  • Undress unreal
  • Varied vaulting
  • Worthless
  • Zany