I’m not promising anything, but God knows I try.

  1. Every restaurant would be theirs with the same food and prices except for one other that imitated Comcast as much as it
  2. You couldn’t order just a sandwich or just the soup or just a coke; everything comes grouped and each group costs at least $20. If you demand your sandwich without soup it costs $19.50. 
  3. Silverware and plates are extra.
  4. They would routinely double and extra charge, read your receipt carefully every time.
  5. The restaurant staff would would show the interest and enthusiasm of 50’s era Soviet shop clerks.
  6. They would promise to get your food to you within a 3 to 4 hour block of time, or perhaps not. If they don’t make it you’d climb through a 16 step phone tree to reschedule.

New Word:


Extreme preoccupation with and indulgence of one’s feelings, desires, etc.; egoistic self-absorption.


a strong or exaggerated sense of power or the right to dominate:


= A gut feeling that your gut cannot be wrong. Asserting authority and neglecting preparation based on intuition. Dale Carnegie meets the Dunning–Kruger effect.

See Trumpery


New Word:

Satisfaction +  Fiction


= Short-lived perfection; The happy ending you believed in completely…until you realized the mistakes you made.


  • I think if you look at a person and remember that they are probably no more than about 40% rational you’ll do OK.
  • “Offensive” in current usage means “Shut Up!”.
  • Got a new product idea: A “5 Hour Energy” type product called “Workahol”. Investors welcome.
  • One of those nights where sleep can’t be found but every single thing you’re worried about comes to chat.
  • Anyone with an ongoing interest in Ayn Rand has such a low ceiling over their imagination that they literally can’t imagine anything more important than what they want.
  • Sometimes when I get done teaching a night class and say goodbye, and watch the backs get smaller, and turn off the lights, and lock the door and step out into cold streets that don’t know anyone, I turn into a small dog, that nobody loves.
  • My state is an inch from legalizing gay marriage. I’m not against it, I just feel that gay marriage should be between a man and a woman.
  • How can you tell if you’re talking to a Finnish extrovert? He’s looking at YOUR shoes.
  • If triangles had gods they would be three sided.
  • I have decided to adopt a doctrine of personal infallibility. I believe you will come to see that I was right to do so.
  • So this magician is walking down the street, and he turns into a grocery store.
  • Your first phrase in Irish: “Whale Oil Beef Hooked.”
  • Citrus fruits are useful for locating paper cuts.
  • Call me old fashioned but I believe marriage is between a man and his goods and chattels.
  • That which doesn’t kill us makes us hyper-vigilant and traumatized.
  • I read somebody complaining that they forgot to bring their phone into the bathroom and they had to spend several minutes being bored and I thought: We’re Doomed.
  • Blame it on the boogie.
  • Giving midterm exams ALL day today. I have this weird desire to dress up like Professor Snape and hover darkly near anxious students.
  • I just want to wish Kim Kardashian the kind of Princess/Storybook divorce she so deserves!


Meep America Meep again! Meep meep, meep. Meeeeeeeeep! Meep meep. Meep meep, meep. Meeeeeeeeep! Meep meep. Meep meep, meep. Meeeeeeeeep! Meep meep. Meep meep, meep. Meeeeeeeeep! Meep meep. 


Earth needs a little team spirit! In a quest for unity and good sportsmanship we’ve started a team that everyone can join in anticipation of eventual extraterrestrial opposition. You know it will come and we need to be ready.

So Go Team Terra! Yup, we called dibs on naming it. We’ll have to hammer out what sport we play later, We’re torn between Australian Rules Football and Curling. Either way, it’s not the sort of issue likely to become divisive. And of course we have to keep in mind that our alien adversaries may have sports that vary in small ways from our own. So that can wait.

But we need a mascot. Both cats and dogs have been considered but to choose one and not the other would alienate almost half the human race. Not  a good start. Some sort of cat/dog hybrid was considered but it turned out to look like a carnivorous monkey. That brought up the idea “Why not People?” So…The Terran …People? We quickly realized that it would be necessary to have a cute mascot pictured on the jerseys and key chains and coffee mugs and we could not agree on a cute person, or face, or sex or ethnicity or implied religion… Continue reading


The recent breakthrough in deciphering petroglyphs has yielded some surprising results. Scientists at various ancient settlement sites have learned what sorts of thoughts our early ancestors left for us, carved into stone. The messages fell into patterns that show a remarkably similar content across sites worldwide. It has led to speculation about a possible ancient culture that spread almost globally as well as conflicting theories suggesting that people are just dumb.

  1. Most common was “Your Mom!” generally associated with images of extremely overweight animals doing embarrassing things. 
  2. In second place, drawings of dicks. 
  3. Third place globally, was “I wish to have coitus with  ______” (female name)
  4. Fourth place was a message that could generalized as “For a good time lurk in the big bushes outside cave 12”
  • So, America, for the rest of the 2016 election can we agree on a safe word?
  • Life right now feels like I am sitting in a multiplex, 2/3s through the movie and I mostly just feel like sneaking into another theater.
  • Tell someone to open their mind or open their heart? No problem but suggest the same about genitals? Suddenly everything gets weird.
  • It’s not that I object to having problems. All I ask is the chance to browse a glossy catalog for some new ones.
  • Welcome to Earth, where a tiny percentage of humans are exponentially more deserving of all good things.#KochBros
  • The day stretched out before him like a three-film, extended version, director’s cut viewing of “The Hobbit” with bonus material.
  • “Romeo, Romeo, whiskey alpha tango Romeo?” – Col. William (Bloody Bill) Shakespeare
  • 1 Butt load (unit of measure) equals 2 Hogsheads. I feel this may raise more questions than it answers though.
  • Middle managers are the insulation companies use to keep themselves at a safe distance from things they really ought to know.
  • Arguing with the phrase “Islamic terrorism” is like arguing with the phrase “Islamic charities” because not all Muslims are charitable!
  • We won’t let them in unless THEY’RE Christian? No dummies, you got it backwards. You won’t let them in unless YOU’RE Christians. #Duh
  • @CentruryLink just wants to be Comcast when it grows up. Keep trying, someday you might be the most hated company in America. #fuckthepeople
  • “titty twister” sounds like a really fun game played on a plastic sheet covered with brightly colored circles. People ruin everything.
  • Ben Carson is going to single-handedly ruin the phrase: “Well, it’s not brain surgery!” #BenCarson
  • The word “nipple” is clearly almost as funny as the word “chicken” but it can’t get much work due to its background in porn.