A bunch of my graphic art. Copyright me, OK? A good bit of it is NSFW so if that is distressing you might pass on this. Contains nudity and sexuality.

I made these awhile back before Trump became as serious as a heart attack.  I long for him to spend some time in nature, far away, all by himself. To sort out his thoughts over the next 25 years. It’s almost a where’s Waldo.



Lake Natron in Tanzania, as captured by photographer Nick Brandt. All credit goes to Nick Brandt ,If you have any objection Mr. Brandt, say the word. The birds become calcified by the extremely hard water. 

All I did was blend 3 of his images together to create a pretty ghastly, ominous image. It’s a little slapdash, I admit. 


Not Safe for Work unless you work in a spa

Water, warmth, and the casual intimacy of being in your skin with someone you enjoy talking to. Steam and the smells of shampoos and soaps and creams; it knocks me out. Sure, it’s sexy but to me it’s meta-sexy. It’s also comforting to my soul. And in this Seattle winter, with a cold trying to drag me under, I just needed it.


I’m not sure why but the Ermahgerd meme just makes me giggle. These are mine.

Apercalerpse Ner

Ermahgerd! Ster Lerd!


Just some new experiments playing with the idea of shadow-boxes: Photos as little tableaus of two dimensional cut outs.



  1. Take 2 drinks whenever number one comes up, and stare silently out into the night.
  2. Take 1 big drink when number two comes to your attention and consider what you’d need for an emergency getaway bag.
  3. Raise 1 thoughtful, appreciative toast.
  4. Research cutting edge cocktail technology and have 3.
  5. Sext everyone on your contacts list and await results with 5th of vodka.