A bunch of my graphic art. Copyright me, OK? A good bit of it is NSFW so if that is distressing you might pass on this. Contains nudity and sexuality.

Just a fun little project


These have been through a lot to get here. Every picture here is a panorama stitched together from at least two images. In a sense, none of these pictures ever really happened, since they are composed of different moments, but so is the world you see when you look around. I’ve always wanted to create close up panoramas which practically sounds self canceling. In most of these I had to trim out tons of stuff that didn’t fit smoothly because taking panorama shots in close creates very messy shapes. After stitching they’ve been tweaked and poked in Illustrator and Photoshop. My photos but some from many years ago. I have no talent or patience as a painter, but these are in a very painterly mood. 


I ran a couple of photos through Google’s Deep Dream software. It attempts to recognize patterns using a buttload of heuristics about characteristics that would indicate various things; buildings, animals, landscapes,etc.

It can be sort of gently psychedelic and beautiful or if you turn the levels up a bit frankly horrifying. In its nicer form It reminds me of things I’ve seen when responsibly ingesting socially acceptable pharmaceuticals…or something. This feels more like what I imagine schizophrenia might be like. Here’s the worst before and after ever.

In an interesting way this is a computer emulating the very human trait of constantly seeing things in the world around them that are mental projections. Like “Doesn’t that cloud look like a bunny attacking Abe Lincoln?” This trait is keyed into our ability to recognize anything but also to our ability to recognize types of things. Like recognizing a letter of the alphabet in a strange distorted font. Or like recognizing a building as a bank or a school without seeing a sign. It’s probably also related to the neurological blinders we develop with which we see exactly what we expect to see and don’t see anything we don’t expect to see.

The role this plays in scientific discovery seems clear cut to me. The role this plays in various kinds of bigotry and blind prejudice seems clear too.  Continue reading