A bunch of my graphic art. Copyright me, OK? A good bit of it is NSFW so if that is distressing you might pass on this. Contains nudity and sexuality.

I have a (hopefully short) fascination with selfies and the templated, iconic  poses that people use like symbols. I scanned a whole bunch using only black and white to see how simple the image can get and still easily be understood. The answer is pretty damn simple. These things are branding or logos to make us  instantly recognizable to the “customers” browsing and swiping.

(Blue steel, Ferrari, Le Tigre, and Magnum are the names of poses from Zoolander.)


Portrait of the artist as a young portrait. It only seems natural to start interpreting selfies as art. There is a classic pose framed carefully. The sitter composes their face as they wish to be seen. It only remains to make a painting out of it. I can’t wait to do a duck face.
I think I’m going to tackle a series of these and see how it goes. Here is  a rough example.



The subtext is using Photoshop’s camera raw filter. It’s a miracle worker for pulling amazing results out of poor quality photos. But as you see here, it’s a blast for creative stuff too! Oh and here’s a shout out to naked ladies everywhere.




I’ve been studying and experimenting with symbols



Presented as a public service: Know the signs!

Icelandic Magic: Is it Weird? Yes.

Sexualizing an innocent strawberry.




The blessing of Saint Doggo be upon ye.

I suspect there are interesting things behind some of these.

It’s not hard to figure out what I’m feeling.


And now, this.



Very few of the images used in these composites are mine. The artistic idea here is about the relationships, impressions, and stories told by GROUPS of unrelated images. There are relationships of color and content imposed by me but the outcome is greater (or at least different) than the sum of its parts. It’s kind of a visual treatment of the “Third Mind” concept…seeing what emerges as the whole made of disparate parts. It becomes impossible to isolate a single part from the influence of the whole.