July 1st is 161 years since Darwin’s “Natural Selection” theory was accepted by the Linnean society of scientists as the correct explanation and Evolution became Darwinian Evolution.
I find most people think Darwin was a lovely and rather enlightened man, and that his theory rose to prominence on merit alone.

Those people can’t complete a dichotomous key test between asses and elbows, scientifically speaking. If you’ve never read my stuff before, you might worry I’m a closet creationist. Nope.

Part 1.

The Descent of Darwin: Part 1 – Survival of the Best Connected

Part 2.

The descent of Darwin: Part 2 The fall of Wallace, Lamarck and complexity

Part 3.

The descent of Darwin: Part 3 – Stretched Thin

Part 4.

The descent of Darwin: Part 4 – Social Darwinism