“Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed”–1 Corinthians 15:51

Copyright Hugh Miller 2019 ©

From my novel. As a warning or as encouragement, a good bit of sexy sex takes place throughout this story, some more fun than others. Also typos, so many typos.
Now to set the scene…

Big Sur, CA: After drinking some champagne spiked by a mysterious stranger, Felix/Shams (both names crop up, same guy) our protagonist, and lovely, innocent Drew, (our protagonista) who have said no more than hello to each other so far, briefly fell asleep in the hot tub with a handful of friends and acquaintances. The group decamps from the hot tub and back up to the house. They are naked.

Part 1.

As he entered the house, Shams squinted, the light was blinding, and it had seemed so soft before. He watched the others sit down on the floor together. Mary rubbed David’s shoulders and Drew appeared to fall asleep immediately on the couch. He stood with his hands shading his eyes from the light, watching her, god she looks so sweet and gentle. Shams wheeled and walked back out the door. The night was full of fireflies now. Here, where no fireflies live. He considered telling the others but he couldn’t seem to turn around. The bushes rolled past him in shadow. He continued until he reached the sudden drop of the cliff, straight down to the Sea. Standing there in the wind, he breathed deep and shook his head.

Fireflies? Looking down the rough face of the cliff to the ocean, he found himself laughing in the dark. It sounded weird and he stopped, concerned. His body felt odd and rubbery. He backed away from the cliff several feet and sat down. Then it struck him.

“I’m tripping,” he said aloud and the words hung about his face like tiny mirrors. But this didn’t feel like LSD or mushrooms. It didn’t seem fair, so much strangeness in one day.
He was so alone. At once he fell over, completely out of touch with his body, panic filled him for a moment and then it was just gone, and then he was gone! It was pleasant, a very strange pleasure like waking up and stretching. Like waking up and stretching as pure disembodied space. Suddenly a wild careening force caught him and he was yanked through…(what exactly?) and embodied again.

He was flying, a constant hum shaking his body. Dark pillars of impossible height stretched away in all directions, his vision fragmented as when looking through a cut crystal.
Over the hillsides of the valley below, great star shapes moved slowly, their appendages waving. His Jaws flexed a strange sensation as his muscles moved sideways as well as up and down. He flew on through the cool night toward the warm star shapes.
Enticing and welcoming the star grew before him immense beyond understanding. A delicious smell filled the air as he landed. The star spread out in all directions, dwarfing him. A shadow! Danger! He buckled his legs to fly but was too slow; a massive blow struck and a steady mauling weight crushed his body. Pain exploded through him for just a moment and was gone.

Free of the body Shams scattered like sparks and coalesced again in the skittering, pulsating force that carried him. Caught in the whitewater of some airborne energy river he finally had a view around and below. A latticework of shining calligrapher’s brush strokes in constant smooth motion.
“What is this?” Said Shams. A calm voice replied “Connections and pathways”. It was not spoken; it rose in his mind and faded like smoke. It felt like a discrete entity. He soared along the pathways between the connections.

“Who are you?” Thought Shams.
“Are You?” The Voice echoed and laughed with the bright happiness of a child. An image of Eileen formed in Sham’s mind, “Mom!” He cried.
“Yes, Mother” The Voice replied. Instantly, doubtful, Shams said “Eddie?”
“Yes, Eddie” it said. Shams collected his thoughts, and quickly said Bees, sheep, me, black holes, mice? Before he finished the voice was saying “Yes, bees. Yes, sheep. Yes, me. No, and yes, mice.” it paused, “Get it?”
“I was a mosquito back there wasn’t I, when I got killed?” asked Shams.
“Yes, mosquito, then no mosquito. “Said the calm voice. “More visits now.”

“Why?” Cried Shams as he felt pressure building, and pop! Some membrane snapped and he was embodied again. He reclined in a soft pit. Above his head a dark ceiling. He tried to move and found he had no control over this body; a weak paddling of its limbs was the only result. It was terrifying. He couldn’t even lift his head. He yelled for help and heard it come out “Waaaaahhhhh” the shock scared him and he began to cry helplessly, he couldn’t control his emotions any more than his body.

Loud noises came from outside the room, and a voice, moaning. There was no separation between him and this body. Anxiety and despair engulfed him. He screamed louder. A shadowy giant stood before the crib and shams felt a desperate relief so strong that it needed to be cried about as well. The giant leaned down like night falling. Soft coos tenderly flowed across his soul and at last soothed him. His cries broke in parts separated by gasps and his calming heart. He was raised up tenderly. The love giant sat with him and released a breast right into his mouth and he fell upon it greedily. All was warm, all was safe, and all was good.

And Wham! Another membrane parted, and completely disoriented, he was in another body. He was in a messy room, bedclothes tangled like dreadlocks. He was on all fours. Looking down he glimpsed slender pale arms supporting body and breasts, a teenage girl by appearance. She shook her head and he glimpsed a shock of brown hair fall past her eyes.
Fingers probed her vagina “Nice and tight, like I like it.” Said the owner of the fingers.
She turned and looked over her shoulder, Shams saw her companion. A portly but muscular black man with a fat slightly off-center erection. He licked his hand rubbed her pussy with it. Shams could tell she was on something, Quaaludes possibly, downers for sure. His own mind felt thick with it. She smiled at the man uneasily, equal parts anxiety and boredom. She had been through this and through this. Shams felt the cock head against her ass, straining for entrance. He felt sick at heart and helpless as she reached back between her legs and guided it home. The man pumped furiously right away, and the girl fought to control her breath, stifling a little cry. Pleasure and pain battled in her and she fought both of them. Shams realized that the battle was between the man and the girl. He was trying to wring a reaction out of her, tearing up her guts, and she wanted to wring him dry quick and just be alone for a few fucking minutes. She leaned down and pumped, matching his moves, increasing the pressure. In moments, he shivered and gasped, “Jesus!” She continued to pump harder knowing it would start to hurt him now.
“Well that’s enough; but you just can’t get enough, can you?” he said, pulling out.
“No, I just can’t get enough.” She said quietly.

And Shams was free again, but just for a moment. On it went through the forms of plants, Barnyard animals, Starving people, a toad, a cockroach, He was trapped on a wild sideways elevator ride crashing through individualities and finding them everywhere, lonely and hungry.

Part 2.

Drew awoke. She felt absolutely marvelous! Then she noticed something quite unusual,

“I’m God!” She said, laughing.
A man turned and looked at her. He looked like Popeye the Sailor and she smiled at him. She realized that she had no clothes on and it was perfect. I am a luscious young God! She smiled to herself, why didn’t I notice this before?

Several people turned to look at her, she looked back, brimming over with love and said,
“It’s entirely automatic, you know,” they looked at her and then one another and she saw that she had spoken truly.
She stood and stretched, making one of one of the men surreptitiously watching her shake his head with lust, she was absolutely magnetic. Drew strolled to the bathroom; God’s body had to pee. A candle was softly burning in the bathroom. Very pretty, thought Drew approvingly as she sat herself down on the toilet and peed. Plumbing using plumbing, she thought, technology!

When suddenly a fearful voice seemed to sail through her head, in one side and out the other

In her Divine compassion, she decided to trace it. She leapt from the toilet and ran through the party and outdoors, where she somehow picked up the scent of that trailing cry and chased it into the woods. As she ran, she called out “Hello, hello?”
Finally, a voice answered back, in her mind, “Oh yes, thank God! Up here!”
“Where?” She said.
“Up here, in this tree!”
“Oh a squirrel,” she said, trying to hide her disappointment.
“I’m Felix!” called the squirrel “please help me!”
“Felix the squirrel?” asked Drew,
“No” said the voice “I’m not a squirrel, I’m Felix McGrew and I’m stuck in this body!”
“Felix” she cried out, excitedly, “how did you do that? Can you teach me?”
“I don’t know” said Felix, “but you’ve got to help me, please!”

She thought for a minute, watching the little grey mammal in the tree. She began climbing. She was about halfway to him when Felix cried out “Oh no he’s running away!”
Sure enough, the squirrel had leaped to the ground and was making for the hills; Drew dropped out of the tree and took off running, following the sound “This Way” Screamed Felix, “no to your left!”
“Can’t you just stop running?” yelled Drew bashing into a tree and reeling forward again.
“Sorry,” called Felix “I’m in the passenger seat.”
“Where are you?” she called.

“It’s okay” whispered Felix, unnecessarily, through their telepathic connection. “He’s sitting on a tree about 10 feet directly in front of you.”
“Okay” she said, resolutely, and snuck silently toward the tree with almost inhuman stealth. She assumed a sort of karate stance and waited. After a moment the squirrel poked his head around the tree, curiously, looking for her. She punched him smack on and the squirrel flew through the air end-over-end landing unconscious some yards away.
“Felix! Felix! I got him” she said running to the little body.
“Oh God” groaned Felix for he had felt the blow too.
“I’m so sorry,” she said, as much to the squirrel as to Felix. “What should I do now?”
“I don’t know, wait, we’ve got to find my body!”
“Do you remember where you left it?” she said
“God, I don’t remember, I’ve had such a night. Last thing I remember, I was in my mother’s house, looking at this beautiful girl…”
“Drew?” asked Drew.
“Yes, how did you know?” asked Felix.
“I am Drew!” She replied.
“Wait, you’re Drew from the party? You mean I’m home?”
“A couple of hundred feet away.” Said Drew.

She picked up the knocked out rodent and cradled it gently in her arms. A sudden weird pushing sensation at her solar plexus made Drew tremble.
“What are you doing?” She cried, dropping the squirrel.
An image of Sham’s glowing calligraphic highway filled her Mind’s Eye. Eye-blink memories of his night flickered through her.
“Good Lord” she moaned and slumped to the ground. The squirrel awoke, shook his head and bounded off, as close to existential crisis as a rodent has ever been.

“Felix?” Said Drew.
“Drew!” Said Felix.

There was a moment of silence.

“Where are you?” said Drew with an uncomfortable feeling growing in her.
“I’m here Drew, I’m in you!” Said Felix and it was subtly different than hearing herself think it.
“Are you sure?” asked Drew.

“Listen,” said Shams, “your name is Kathleen Sarmoung Prince, you are 25 years old, you were an army brat as a child, you were already smart and nerdy but following an accident you contracted meningitis and somehow became a savant, a cross discipline polymath, but totally uncommunicative beyond that, you didn’t come out of it until you were 14 years old and fell downstairs receiving a concussion that almost magically brought your personality back on line. You were nicknamed Drew by a mean older sister because of your literally endless doodling on any blank surface. Why It stuck not even you know. You were a Jesus Freak at age 18, then you quickly dropped it when you couldn’t feel any connection to God that way. You have never made love, except with yourself.”
“O my God.” Said Drew, aghast.

” Now Look back in me!” he said quickly “where was I born?”
She paused, “Mount Zion Hospital, New York, New York”

“Right! Now what’s my secret name ?”
“Yes” he said “Exactly.”
“That’s an odd name.” she commented.
“Kind of, I guess” said Shams.

“Oh, and you have made love with other people, but mostly with yourself” said Drew with a twinkle “almost more than I can believe!”
“Boys don’t so much do it,” his voice smiled “as take breaks from it once in a while”.

The two of them sat quietly in Drew’s body, in the leaves, in the dark.
“Shams,” she said “how are we doing this?”
“I think Eddie spiked the punch, so to speak, the champagne.” Said Felix “but why, or with exactly what the particular fuck this is, I don’t know.” Inside he had a quick smile, noting she had called him Shams.

Drew’s Godly feeling began to return.
She said “Okay, first we get you back in your body, then we’ll deal with Mr. Sundberg. Let’s walk the periphery and cycle inward till we find you.”
She picked herself up from the forest floor and steadied herself against a tree. Shams’ mind was blending a bit with her own along the edges, like two colors on an artist’s palette.

“My God that’s Pleasant” said Shew. | “It really is, isn’t it?”said Drams. “Hehe” Laughed Shelix. “You are what you wear”.
S/he strolled along with an enormous feeling of warm contentment. Their inner lives were so completely exposed to each other that they both felt understood, accepted and unafraid beyond anything either had known before. Along the dark walkway she strode, an open mystery, walking. Soon they arrived at the cliff, with the trees singing of wind at their back. A three-quarter Moon blanketed the ocean below in dancing light, and dappled the top of the cliff.

“Our other body.” She said.
There it was like an empty cocoon, Shams’ body. It was pale in the Moonlight and deserted like an empty building, his hair blowing softly in the wind.

“Oh it’s beautiful!” Said the Drew half.
She knelt beside the mannequin and touched his shoulder, the body breathed quietly, oblivious.
“What should we do?” They stared at the warm statue.

Drew reached out her hand and touched its stomach. A slight Ripple ran through the abdominal muscles. She straddled him and stroked his chest, his face. Shams looked out through her eyes, silently watching. His own face lay before him, almost a stranger’s face seen in this way.

Drew was operating on pure intuition, when like some storybook Prince she leaned down and kissed the Sleeping Beauty full on the mouth. Shams felt his Moorings to her body shake a bit and reconnect, like a ship harbored in a heavy weather.

“That did something” he said.

Inside of Drew some small fire had caught, in the passion of her care for this ghost man beneath her, and the ghost man inside her, she lay upon the body and held it with no barriers to its nature. It was her child, it was her unknown husband, it needed love. The moon embraced the tides, the wind embraced the forest and she embraced this angelic golem. Her-hands followed his shape, wove through his hair, and worked at his muscles.
Her mouth found his forehead, cheek and lips. She was whispering very softly “Come on, come to me, come on home.”

She wrapped her legs around his hips and slid her hands under his back. Holding him tight, her head against his chest, she got an idea she slid down his body until she faced his crotch. She said “Felix is it all right?”

He replied yes.

She gulped nervously gazing at the penis lying slack and small between his legs. She reached out and touched it, tentatively. It was so soft and silly. She held it and waggled it around and laughed. She stroked it and it was pleasant in her hand like a small animal. It grew heavier, swelling, lengthening. Soon it stood upright all by itself. A magic act! Fun with science. Leaning forward she took the tip to her lips, closing her eyes. It didn’t taste like much of anything. She relaxed her jaw and slid more of its length into her mouth. Very intimate, kind of comforting, hmm. She reached to her pussy and found it wet and slippery as she already knew.

She climbed up on his hips and held his cock against her belly then lifting herself above it and placing the bulbous tip within her she slid gently up and down experimentally. It didn’t hurt. It felt full. Full and warm. She settled her weight and felt the push and pressure change in nice ways.  Her first time and she had two men inside her, one silent, of seamless continuity with her own mind and the other pure external sex. Her clitoris, that little sweet pea was all a thrill, peeking out from under its modest pink hood to see what all the commotion was about. She was taking a wild ride up and down. At the bottom of each cycle she rubbed against something slick and hard which sent a sweet throb, a yummy hungry ache through her. Drew’s hips began to roll.

“Oh-oh-Oh yes,” said Drew.”Oh my God yes…Shams oh god oh yes oh thank God! Yes.”

Drew, rolling and grinding on his cock, completely absorbed. Shams felt himself shaking loose from her and a moment of panic at the thought that he might float off into the random selves of the universe again. “Drew” he called. She didn’t hear him. He had lost contact with her senses. All at once he was back in his own body and he was making love with this incredible woman. Opening his eyes upon her he was amazed at her beauty. She looked down right into his open eyes. He was smiling at her, he said “Thank you love.”

Drew stared open-mouthed at her revived companion.

“God, we did it! You’re home!” she said. She leaned down and held him very tight. They both laughed. But Drew suddenly felt a little embarrassed to meet his gaze. He was still inside her and here they were… and here they were.

It felt so good, this quiet holding. This man so soft and hard. This Union so unexpected. This new woman so vulnerable and happy. A sweet naughty surprise. She moved her hips and she felt him there still inside. She shook her head in Wonder. This is what this feels like. So simple and Direct. Key and Lock. She sat up and slowly rolled her abdominal muscles. Wave and wand, liquid friction, bio-electric skin bliss. Too real for phrases now, my multifaceted genetic jewel.

Shams reached down and felt for her clitoris, his fingers shaping firm oval rhythms around and across it.

“Oh- OH” Slipped from the woman’s throat, on a direct channel from the very base of her belly. Drew smiled and leaned her breasts into Shams’ easy reach, he gently played with a nipple and slipped the other to his lips. All night they stayed together with their tender acrobatics, stirring the soup of their fragile union. “Come inside me,” whispered Drew, and Shams came and she laughed from the insane, delicious, dangerous feeling inside her.

As the sky whitened through the trees they sat together near the edge of the cliff, watching the dark sea move in and out below. A cold fresh wind rose and chilled them. Drew looked from the sea to the man beside her. His gaze was all the way to the edge of the sky. She studied the lines of his body, the muted gold and pinks of his skin. The thick brown hair. He looked in from the ocean and met her eyes. She looked down and smiled. She couldn’t think of anything to say. He clamored over to sit behind her and rocked her in his arms.