• You are looking at a blank computer screen. Green and red dots start moving from top to bottom.
  • There are many more green dots than red dots, perhaps five or six times as many. They are all moving the same speed.
  • Most of both colors move straight down.
  • But halfway down the screen some of each color stop going down and move sideways to the right instead.
  • There is a counter that lists how many dots of each color turned right.
  • The counter reveals that similar numbers of green dots and red dots have moved right, it’s almost 50/50.

Overall, which is more likely to turn right, a red dot or a green dot ?

…And that is the statistical foundation of racial profiling. 

We are all so tense around race issues but being loyal to an argument that doesn’t work and isn’t well founded is kind of a commitment to preserve the lousy status quo. At this point supporting movements like BLM is much more like a purity test given to an already sympathetic demographic than it is like any kind of positive path forward. What is the end game? Less racial division and tension…or more? The supposedly progressive arguments about race (cultural appropriation for example) feel to me like they are leading us ever farther apart, into narrow little stalls…oddly enough, based on our race.

The “math” doesn’t hold up underneath BLM and when you take in the whole situation it actually starts to feel hypocritical or deeply in denial.
We liberals like to think that America’s over the top murder levels and gun nuts are mainly a white thing but they are not. African Americans are about 13 percent of the population and commit around 40+% of our murders every year. Black on black violence is a catastrophe, a slaughterhouse but no passionate reform movement (that I can see) is seeking media attention to fix it. Politicians won’t go near the truth on this and for liberals this is our “climate change” where want our own facts that feel better.
Absolutely Black lives matter. Or should.

What the Black Lives Matter movement misses about those police shootings.