1. You can remember watching your parents blend with the HUB when it still machine based.BrainFoodBlob
  2. Bedazzled gill slits.
  3. Singy Worms! (and you can still name them).
  4. The bleak winter after Singy Worms went rogue. 
  5. Spending hours changing the color of your fur before school
  6. You went to School  :( 
  7. You can still sing every word of YAYA (see? I just did) 
  8. Gender putty. (Eewww)
  9. Algae Tuesdays (and the green shivers)
  10. You remember where you were when President Bieber was assassinated 
  11. And his reanimation dance party inaugural. (YAYA!)
  12. And his second assassination.