But then they don’t read anyone else’s either. At any rate I thought I’d add another venue for people to not read them. If you’d like to not read them at the original location, here you go.


  • “What happens in Vagueness, stays in Vagueness.”
  • Walked into my son’s messy bedroom today; he was playing a videogame where he had adopted orphans and he was carefully cleaning their room.
  • American television news media are the “Make a wish foundation” for mass murderers. #advertisingrevenue #CNN
  • Ixel twoof bloog sharmly,if you know what i mean.#bloog
  • Anne Coulter is like an edgy, self-loathing comedian with all the comedy removed.
  • Where are the big box stores that sell notions, sundries ‘n things?
  • I liked it better when advertisements had little walls around them.
  • Just had a funny thought that Ayn Rand is Arrogance Porn. “My God,” she breathed “your sense of entitlement is ENORMOUS!
  • I suffer from Carpal Diem, resulting from repeatedly seizing the day.
  • Damn it Jesus, I’ve got the wheel. You get shotgun.
  • I wonder what the first slang word was.
  • Thinking of opening up a cute little Frottagerie in the neighborhood. For a name I’m thinking: “Aye, There’s the Rub”.
  • If the devil and god are on different teams then why does the devil punish sinners? The devil is god’s employee of the month. Every month.
  • My meeting of “Heterosexual Men Who Love Show Tunes” was canceled when the other guy didn’t show up.
  • Dawdle, dawdle, toil and twaddle.